Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I can't believe it has been a month since my last blog post.  Moving has really taken a toll on me physically, mentally, emotionally and creatively.  I am still in boxes floor to ceiling as the living space promised to be 900 - 910 square feet and turned out to be 812.5 square feet.  Nothing fits. And I made the huge mistake of allowing a man to assist in packing (the same one that insisted that the living space was 910 square feet when I said I knew my furniture coming out of an 850 square foot apartment was not going to fit in there!) - food mixed with cleaning goods, shoes in separate boxes (yes one shoe in one and it's mate in another)! So you get the picture...  I have furniture in the hallway and basement.  And it has been near impossible finding anything.  I have had to replace so much because I still can't unearth things from the mass of chaos.

I was able to locate a small sampling of my creative supplies and was able to work on some doll projects for some swaps I am in as well as for a project I have wanted to start since the summer.

First for the swaps - 

This tag is for a swap in Addicted 2 Paper Dolls with a couples Valentine theme - 

Next a tag for a Mystical/Mythical Creature swap over at Paper Doll Trading

This is my Fairy Queen.  The Fairy Queen was a figure from folklore who was believed to rule the fairies. Based on Shakespeare's influence in English-speaking cultures she is often named Titania or Mab.

I also have created a few dolls that I have not decided yet how to mount.  I may put them in an art journal or on an altered canvas after I do a few more.

The first is inspired by Erte's Alphabet Lady.  

my inspiration
                     goache 1968                         bronze sculpture 1989

The next was inspired by Erte's Rose Dancer.
serigraph                                               bronze sculpture

And my library time is nearly up so for now I will say farewell!  Hopefully I will be able to create a bit more this evening and share again soon!