Friday, June 10, 2011


Today is my eldest son's Senior Prom.  This will be the first time he will be wearing a tux.  The next won't probably be until he gets married which should not be anytime soon.  His new girl is wearing a beautiful pink dress and he got all the tux accessories in pink to match.  I am so glad he has no phobia against wearing pink.  I think they will make a lovely couple...  and you will certainly get to see how lovely as this Mom will be taking many photos and lovingly scrapping them.  I can't believe he is already technically 'a man' and of legal age.  It was only yesterday I discovered I was finally pregnant with him.  I'm sure all those childhood memories will be floating through the tears in my eyes as his limo pulls away tonight to take them to this big moment of entry into adulthood.  Graduation is less than two weeks away too...another big event.  Have so many years really passed by in such a flash?  My baby is only 6 years behind him and I'm sure those years will fly by even faster and I will be awaiting seeing him in his tux for the first time too. to help him start getting ready for the big event!

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