Friday, March 23, 2012

Fun with Quotes 2

Here are a few more Art Journal pages I have done using quotes for inspiration:

What was fun about these pages is that they all have tested out different techniques or products I haven't used before or are used in different ways.  There is acrylic paint, alcohol inks, watercolor washes, stamping, embossing, crayon resist, coarse pumic gel, some cutting and pasting, colored pencils, stencils and more.  I love trying different things or using things together that I ordinarily wouldn't.  Sometimes the quote will inspire something particular and other times I just do a fun background to showcase the quote as nothing else comes to me for it.  I enjoy working with the quotes because it gets me creating nearly every day.

You may also like to check out my previous post of art journaling here.


  1. I found the link to your site through Art Journal Every Day. I have just started some art journal experiments and have been using Scripture verses a lot. I love your page from Phil 4:13. Need to find a good place to buy Scripture stamps!

  2. Hi Paula! Thanks for swinging my way earlier today. Yes we need to start making connections across the blogs- it seems social media is fantastic but it can be so overwhelming- I just spent 3 hours promoting a challenge and think maybe 4 people have actually read the content. I really want to just let that all go and get back to creating. These art journals are great!! I haven't even TRIED working on my drawing yet- too scary! That's my second floor challenge to be sure- I would be tripping all the way to the top.