Monday, March 30, 2015


Today I'm here to share a layout of my first pets beyond goldfish. They were actually my son's pets first but when he saw what cleaning the cage entailed they quickly became mine.  They are the two cutest little boy guinea pigs.  He named them Beavis and Butthead which stuck immediately. They are so funny.  Beavis always preferred Thomas and he runs into the igloo whenever I go to pet him (unless I have treats with me). Butthead on the other hand has always loved me.  He comes out and lays quietly and lets me pet him and brush his hair. He of course also loves treats.

My layout today is for my challenge, UUS16 - Using Up Scraps - Ribbon! over at Soul Scrappers

As the prize I am donating this month is going to go to the person who uses their scraps of ribbon the most creative way I decided to keep my ribbon use simple.   

Here is a picture of what I had to work with:

and here is the layout I created using a few strips of ribbon from my scrap box and some washi tape.

Aren't my little critter babies the cutest?  Who could resist them? That is Beavis on the left and Butthead on the right.

So now that you know what the challenge is, and you have seen my sample, if you are one of my creative paper crafting followers why don't you get out some ribbon scraps and join me on Soul Scrappers!  The challenge runs from today, March 30th thru April 19th at 7 PM EST.  

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