Friday, May 17, 2013


Today I started my first Mixed Media canvas.  It is going to be a gift for a friend.  I started with a 14x18 back stapled traditional canvas.  I coated the front and sides with gesso.  And now the fun begins...

I took out some of my favorite Crafter's Workshop templates and my all time favorite medium - Dry Dex Spackling (yes as in for walls, got it at Home Depot!)  I put a blob of it down and pushed a corrugate cup holder into it for design.  Then I took the cup holder and pushed that down for the reverse.  Next I played with all of my templates.  I wanted to have a varied texture, varied patterned look.  The idea is that everything is perfect just the way it was created.

Here is step 1:

When the spackle dries (which is what I love about this product - it goes on pink and turns white when dry) I will add my first layer of paint in my main color - cobalt blue.

I actually waited much longer and then added both of my main colors - Cobalt Blue and Christmas Red, as well as misting some Adirondack Denim Blue Color Wash.  I just squired the blue and red out of the bottles onto the canvas.

Step 2:

I had anticipated using a sea sponge to work the colors in but wasn't able to find it.  Instead I used my usual standard - smearing with a credit card.  I realized why I wanted to do the blue first and then the red as I did not want them to mix - I wiped the card in between colors but some were close together and the red was darkened.

Step 3:

My next step was to add Distress Ink in Faded Jeans, Salty Ocean, Barn Door and Festive Berries using an ink blending tool.

Step 4:

I found a piece of my sea sponge and used that with the blue acrylic paint to go over most of the canvas.  I then took red paint and flicked it on with an open spray bottle.

Step 5:

I think my next step will be to add some other dimensions and possibly more red.

For the dimension I started with adding some Liquid Beadz.  I have decided that I don't really care for them much.  They did not apply as well as they implied they would.  I splattered more red acrylic paint and then added a variety of buttons using Glossy Accents.

Step 6:

I need to do the sides of the canvas which I will probably just do with the paints and sea sponge.  And the next and possibly final step would be some collage which I think I am going to do with words.

OK...I did the sides the way I figured that I would.  I also added several other touches to the front inclujding blue glass beads, seashells, pieces of red trim and words of affirmation using miniature scrabble tiles.

Step 7:

I think that I am ready for a sealing coat of glossy spray!