Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I know my normal posts are of my creations but I felt that this was a special occasion and I wanted to commemorate it with a blog post.  On Saturday our family grew by two!  Yes two little fur babies.  They are cute little Guinea Pigs that a wonderful family in Maryland gave to us because the Mom was allergic to the Timothy Hay that they eat.  Soon I will be sharing layouts of us playing with them but I wanted to get some photos up so you could see just how cute they are.  Their names are Scrappy and Peshawn but are now affectionately referred to as Beavis and Butthead by my son Thomas who is their primary caretaker.

Here are some photos of Thomas when we went to pick them up:

and here they are waiting for their cage to be all set up in their new home.

and in their new home and with my son Thomas:

I never had pets growing up and other than fish this is Thomas' first venture into pet ownership too.  My son Robert is not quite as happy about them and calls them 'stinky'.  (but I do catch him in there talking to them from time to time and I'm sure he will come to love them as much as Thomas and I already do!)

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  1. awww they are so cute :) I want a sugar glider but hubby is been stubborn lol